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Navigation Brake Assist

Toyota Technology at RMB Toyota

A staple security measure when making a sudden stop is Brake Assist. Designed to help drivers make an emergency stop, this technology adds additional pressure to aid your sudden braking and keep you from danger. Never one to avoid innovation, Toyota has introduced the revolutionary Navigation Brake Assist that intelligently co-ordinates this brake supporting software with your navigation system.

Unexpected stop signals are located by your navigation system, which then feeds your vehicle a temporary stop notice to warn you of the obstruction. An alert will then be activated four seconds before reaching the stop sign and Brake Assist will automatically kick in when you stop, to keep your braking smooth and speedy.

This intelligent software is all about preparing you for the unexpected and ensuring you are never caught short. No matter whether you’re dashing to complete a school run or cruising across the countryside on an off-road adventure, Toyota has got you covered.

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