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Toyota’s Lane Keeping Assist

As you drive along the motorway or ‘A’ roads, Toyota’s Lane Keeping Assist will prevent you from accidentally swerving into the wrong lane. It is easy to lose concentration when you are driving along long roads, especially straight ones, as your brain becomes tired with the same view. Lane Keeping Assist counteracts this to help keep you safe on long journeys.

What is Lane Keeping Assist?

There are two forms of Lane Keeping technology. Lane Departure Warning lets you know if you are starting to drift on the road and sends a buzzer while also adding a steering force to the wheel to guide you back into the correct position. Lane Keeping Assist goes one step further by physically steering the car back into place with a constant supply of steering force.

Toyota Technology - Lane Keeping Assistance

How does it work?

The system operates in conjunction with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to physically steer the car back into place. It uses a camera at the front of the car which detects the size of the road and determines the position of the white and yellow lines. The camera can determine where you are on the road and will move you back into the correct position using the electronic power steering.

What are the benefits of Lane Keeping Assist?

If you regularly travel on the motorway, you will know how it feels when your concentration starts to slip. It is easy to veer into the next lane when our minds aren’t focused and this technology counteracts that. It is estimated that in the US, 37 percent of all transport fatalities are caused by drifting off the road, and it is a large problem across the world. By keeping track of the shape of the road you are travelling, Lane Keeping Assist will help to keep you safe when your mind and wheels start to wander.

Which Toyota models have Lane Keeping Assist?

A number of premium Toyota models such as the Prius and RAV4 have the option of Lane Keeping Assist on various trim levels. The RAV4 has the technology as part of an optional pack which also includes Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, front and rear parking sensors, Pre-Collision Warning and Road Sign Assist.

For further information on Toyota’s Lane Keeping Assist and to experience the technology for yourself, call RMB Toyota in Teesside, Darlington or Northallerton to arrange a test drive.