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Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert

With Lane Departure Alert, you can enjoy safer motorway journeys. Stay in the correct position on the road, even when your concentration starts to lapse when driving long distances.

What is Lane Departure Alert?

It is difficult for drivers to maintain high levels of concentration on the road, especially along the motorway. The brain needs constant activity to stay alert and quickly becomes tired with the same views, which tends to happen on straight ‘A’ roads and motorways. Toyota is helping to compensate for this with Lane Departure Alert which lets you know if you start to veer outside of your lane.

How does it work?

A camera in the front of the car detects where the car is on the road in relation to the wide and yellow road markings. Therefore, it is able to spot when the car begins to leave the lines and it alerts the driver. You will either hear a buzzer or feel a slight vibration in the steering wheel. This alert is designed to let you know that you are veering, so you can correct your line of path. It also helps to reinstate your attention on the road.

Toyota Technology - Lane Departure Alert

What are the benefits of Lane Departure Alert?

Primarily, Lane Departure Alert helps you to avoid venturing outside of the road markings and colliding with other vehicles and obstructions on the side of the road. It is particularly helpful for people who drive long distances, because the longer you are on the road the more likely it is for your concentration to wane. Drivers also find it particularly helpful when roadworks are taking place because these sometimes reduce the width of the lanes.

Toyota Technology - Lane Departure Alert

Which cars have Lane Departure Alert?

This innovative technology is available in various trim levels on any Toyota cars, from the Auris to the RAV4 and Avensis. The C-HR and Prius boast Lane Departure Alert as standard.

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