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Toyota’s Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Maintain a safe distance from the car in front with minimal effort, thanks to Toyota’s Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Perfect for long-distance motorway journeys, this technology helps to compensate for inevitable driver fatigue.

What is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control?

Cruise control in itself is a helpful technology fitted in lots of modern cars. It allows the car to maintain a constant speed without a foot on the accelerator. The car does slow down if you need it to by placing your foot on the accelerator. It gives you chance to relax your ankles while driving along the motorway.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control adds an extra dimension to make the system safer. The clever system immediately detects the speed of the car in front of you and automatically adjusts your speed accordingly.

How does it work?

Radar cruise control uses a millimetre-wave radar to verify the distance between vehicles. It monitors your speed so it can detect if you are getting too close to the car in front. To slow you down, it adjusts various components in the engine without needing any response from you. The radar can also detect when cars in front speed up or move lanes, and accelerates for you. It will only reach the speed set by you, so you can always drive at the speed you are comfortable with.

Benefits of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Driving along the motorway is undeniably tiring. It requires a lot of concentration because the brain gets bored with the same views. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control counteracts this by acting as another pair of eyes on the road. It will usually notice the car in front slowing down more quickly than you do, helping to prevent accidents.

Not only does it compensate for any lack of concentration, it also enables you to relax along the motorway, safe in the knowledge that it will support you.

Which cars have the technology?

The technology is standard on a number of the latest Toyota models including the C-HR, Prius and RAV4, to name just a few. It is available as an option on most of the range.

The team at RMB Toyota in Northallerton, Darlington and Teesside can give you more information on the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Call us or get in touch online to learn more and to book a test drive in a car showcasing this innovative safety system.