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Toyota’s Adaptive Front-lighting System

Enjoy brilliant visibility on every drive with Toyota’s Adaptive Front Lighting System. Stay safe on the road at night and take on corners with confidence thanks to this innovative technology.

What is Toyota’s Adaptive Front-lighting System

The blind spot is the driver’s nemesis. When driving at speed, it is difficult to notice all hazards on the road and to act quickly enough to prevent them. This is especially noticeable at night when vision is already impaired.

Corners present a big problem for drivers at night and it isn’t always possible to see both sides of the road when you get to bends. The Adaptive Front-lighting System from Toyota curves the headlights to illuminate more of the road around corners. It works automatically by adjusting the direction of the beam for greater visibility.

How does the Adaptive Front-lighting System work?

Using sensors, the car with Adaptive Front-lighting can detect the direction of the car and how it is positioned on the road. When it notices the angle of the car turning to either side, it automatically adjusts the direction of the beams to illuminate otherwise dark areas on the road. Without this system, the headlights can concentrate much of their beam off the road where it is not as essential.

Toyota Technology - Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)
Toyota Technology - Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)

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The benefits of this technology

This system improves your visibility at night so you can drive around corners safely. It is easy to underestimate the size of a corner without this extra illumination, making your course less suitable for the road. You might also miss hazards on the other side of the road that could affect your course, which is why the Adaptive Front-lighting System is so helpful. In winter when it gets dark quickly, it is especially useful for drivers to have this helping hand on the road.

Which cars have the system?

Adaptive Front-lighting comes as part of the Toyota Safety Sense Pack which is included as an option on the RAV4. It also comes in the top-of-the-range trim level on the Avensis.

Learn more about the benefits of the Adaptive Front-lighting system and see how it works by contacting us RMB Toyota to arrange a test drive.