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​Toyota technologies

Whether you are looking to save money on fuel, enjoy a safer journey or simply to relax while driving, Toyota models boast the technology you are looking for.

Innovation is central to the Japanese car brand’s success. By producing modern cars that are full of equipment, the marque offers a richer driving experience. From everyday hatchbacks and city cars, to executive saloons and sporty SUVs, all the models can enhance your time on the road with a carefully-selected choice of technology.

Depending on which car you choose, you can enjoy a unique blend of helpful technologies. Some models boast a long list of tools as standard, while others have an options list and different technology at each trim level. The team at RMB Toyota in Teeside, Darlington and Northallerton can help you find the car that has the technologies you would like, thanks to a range of finance options and offers. You may even find that you can afford equipment that you previously hadn’t considered.


Cars have become increasingly safe to drive in recent years thanks to stronger construction and innovative technologies. Toyota uses evidence from actual accidents to help plan ways to prevent them from happening in the future using specialised equipment. The idea is to create real-world safety systems that are made for practicality. Toyota’s aim is to establish technology that prevents all casualties from car accidents.

Driver assist

Enjoy relaxing while you drive with a range of helpful systems. Acting as another pair of eyes on the road, you can rest assured that your Toyota will help to keep you safe when concentration inevitably slips. The brand also uses a driver simulator to mirror how people tend to interact with their car and drive in order to create human-centric safety technologies.

On this page, you can discover the innovative technologies created by Toyota to keep drivers and their families safe on the road. Click on the different tabs to learn more, and contact us for more information or to enjoy a test drive to experience the different systems for yourself.