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Free puncture repairs for life on your Toyota

For absolutely no cost, RMB Toyota will repair your tyre if it has a puncture or minor damage*. This offer covers the entire life of your tyre, so you can always rely on us to keep you moving forward.

Having your tyre repaired professionally is essential to ensure your car is safe to drive. We are committed to helping our customers stay on the road, and wherever possible, we will repair the tyre for free.

Not all tyres can be repaired and there are strict British Standard BS159 guidelines in place which must be followed for safety reasons.

Tyres with the following damages cannot be repaired:

  • Visible or deformed bead wire
  • Rubber or tread separations
  • Deterioration of the tyre caused by grease or corrosive fluid
  • Marking of the interior rubber caused by overheating due to under-inflation
  • Damage larger than regulations will allow

Speak to the team in Northallerton, Darlington and Teesside by phoning us to discuss a free tyre repair. Find out more about our servicing and repair deals here.

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