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The Worldwide Sales of Toyota Hybrids Surpass 10 Million Units

The number of Toyota hybrid vehicles sold around the world has recently exceeded the 10 million mark(1), illustrating the staying power of a technology which is now emerging as a mainstream choice within the automotive industry.

Toyota has helped to encourage mass-market adoption of hybrid vehicles around the world through their belief that environmentally friendly vehicles can have a significantly positive impact if widely used.

Toyota’s range of hybrid vehicles is now available in more 90 countries and regions worldwide, with 7 different Toyota hybrid models on sale, a range which recently grew to include the all-new Toyota C-HR Hybrid crossover.

Within the UK, sales of both Toyota and Lexus hybrid models have surpassed the quarter of a million mark ever since the first Toyota Prius was sold back in 2000.

At the end of January 2017, the cumulative UK sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles stood at a grand total of 254,414 vehicles, equating to 174,861 Toyota vehicles and 79,553 Lexus vehicles.

Toyota estimates that, as of 31 January this year, the use of Toyota hybrid vehicles(2) in place of petrol-powered vehicles of a similar size and performance, has resulted in approximately 77 million fewer tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

(1) Including plug-in hybrids

(2) Excluding Coaster Hybrid EV and Quick Delivery 200