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Say hello to the all-new Toyota Corolla

With a widely anticipated arrival and intriguing launch at the Paris Motor Show back in October 2018, you'll be pleased to hear that the all-new Toyota Corolla has reached us at our RMB Toyota showrooms in Teesside, Darlington and Northallerton.

The much loved and familiar name is back and boy is it back with a brand new attitude and eye catching design. As you may know the Corolla remains the best-selling model in automotive history and is acknowledged industry wide as a globally recognised name, which has sold over 45 million vehicles since its introduction in 1966.

Many things have changed since 1966 and let us assure you the dynamic Corolla has come a long way since then too. An edgy design and sporty profile allows for extraordinary responsiveness and an unrivaled driving experience that will have you looking great from every angle. Not only has the exterior changed, when it comes to Hybrid Technology, Toyota have amped it up yet again.

Refined design

The all-new Corolla is available in three dynamic models, the Corolla Hatchback, the practical Corolla Touring Sports and the fashionable new Corolla Saloon; each featuring sweeping lines that give the Corollas a sporty profile, enhanced by a choice of distinctive wheel designs.

The front and rear benefit from a demanding and powerful wide stance, which feature a stylish front grille and elegant LED headlamps. The sophisticated and harmonious design effortlessly carries on into the interior of the all-new Corolla.

Soft materials give a sense of quality and an elegant fascia places all the car’s information and controls at your fingertips. The Corolla’s wheelbase has been extended meaning rear passengers have more space to get comfortable and there’s ample room for luggage in the boot.

Along with its new look, the Toyota Corolla includes technologies designed to enhance your drive. The infotainment system is accessed via an eight-inch touchscreen, which displays graphics clearly and crisply for easy navigation. If you prefer to keep your eyes on the road, opt for the head-up display, which projects key data onto the windscreen. Satellite navigation is also available on all but the entry level models.

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It's all about Hybrid

Not only has the exterior changed, when it comes to Hybrid Technology, Toyota have amped it up yet again.

If it's hybrid you're considering, look no further. Each of the Corolla models are available with hybrid engines and benefit from industry leading Toyota Hybrid technology that is definitely worth its weight in gold. Excellent fuel efficiency and the dynamic petrol-electric combination has been proven to create lower CO2 emissions, save money on road tax and of course still allow for a powerful driving experience. When it comes to hybrid, the Corolla has never felt or looked so good, that we are sure.

Now more than ever we have a stronger sense of our heritage than ever before. Tried and tested on roads you drive everyday, every month, every year - the all new Toyota Corolla has been built and tested in Britain on UK roads across the country, potholes and all!

Since the all-new Corolla made it's worldwide debut back in October 2018, it has been the car on everyone’s watch list, so much so we are pleased to announce our demonstrator Corollas have landed in RMB showrooms and are ready and waiting to be taken for a spin!

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