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New GT86


Everything about the new GT86 says driving indulgence. With its sporty good looks, go-kart handling and racing-inspired interior, it’s a car that’s built for drivers who crave speed and excitement.

It’s available to order now and the first models will be delivered in November. 


Built for a hands-on driving experience, the new GT86 Pro is one of the finest sportscars on the road. Expect go-kart handling, soaring speeds and a plush interior from this seriously handsome motor.  At the upgraded trim level, it’s an even more extravagant and tempting sports car.

We’re now taking orders for the GT86 Pro and the beginning of November will see the first models delivered. 

New Toyota GT86


Svelte is the word that comes to mind when looking at the GT86. It’s crafted with long, flowing lines and the pointed headlights and wide grille stand out as the striking features. Relatively understated for a sports car, it will be an elegant addition to your drive. Its 17-inch alloy wheels now come as standard, as do LED running lights and fog lamps both at its nose and tail. These features give it a more assertive on-road presence.


Designed like a cockpit, everything in the interior is designed around the driver. The sports seats will support your frame on those longer journeys and as you travel around corners at speed. Aluminium pedals add to the sporty experience and your speed is shown on a striking digital display. Soft-touch materials such as a leather gear knob and steering wheel give it the deluxe feel you want in a sports car. You can keep your keys in your pocket as you drive, thanks to the new smart key technology. 


The marked difference between this trim and the standard GT86 is the rear spoiler, which reduces drag for a faster, firmer drive. The rest of the exterior encompasses elegance with its long flowing lines and svelte body shape. To give it a confident stance, Toyota has added LED running lights into the pointed headlights, and fog lamps now sit at both the front and rear. Its wide grille is one of its most distinctive features stretching almost the width of the car and sculpted into the angular bumper.


Driver comfort is at the heart of the GT86 Pro’s design. It builds on the standard GT86 features with its sport seats, aluminium pedals and leather steering wheel and gear knob. For extra indulgence, it has a leather armrest, heated seats and deluxe suede in the dashboard trim – it feels totally luxurious.

While you drive, you can keep your key in your pocket and use the digital display as a point of reference for your speed. These features give the traditional aspect of the sports car a cutting-edge feel.

New Toyota GT86 Front Interior
New Toyota GT86 Central Controls
New Toyota GT86 Interior


A 2.0-litre petrol engine powers the GT86, putting out as much as 200bhp to reach top speeds of 140mph. Thanks to its light weight, it powers from 0-60mph in less than eight seconds. Toyota has mastered the weight ratios and the GT86 has a low centre of gravity coupled with a perfectly balanced rear-wheel drive to deliver responsive handling for a driver-orientated experience. For a more laid-back drive on long motorway journeys, cruise control has been added as standard.


Every GT86 is fitted with a Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system. It brings you satellite navigation with 3D mapping, a DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity. All of the in-car entertainment is controlled via a colour TFT screen in the centre of the dashboard. The six-speaker audio system will fill the car with the sound of your driving playlist. 


The 2.0-litre petrol powertrain yields 200bhp which enables it to hit 140mph when you get the chance to visit the racetrack. What makes the GT86 Pro such a pleasure to drive is its perfectly-balanced weight ratios. The low centre of gravity and rear-wheel drive means that you get to enjoy seriously responsive handling. It’s not just well-balanced; it’s also a lightweight car, enabling it to reach 60mph from standing in less than eight seconds. Cruise control is included if you prefer to relax on longer motorway journeys.


A Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system is fitted as standard and you control all of the functions using a colour TFT screen that sits in the dashboard. This advanced system provides satellite navigation with 3D mapping, a DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Every tune you play will be blasted out of the six speakers, which creates atmospheric surround sound.


When you’re travelling at speed or taking on the corners at a race track, you can rely on the vehicle stability control to keep you steady. Limited Slip Differential also helps by giving you better grip on the road. The GT86 is fitted with seven airbags for extra protection.

Order your Toyota GT86 now

We’re now taking orders for the new GT86 and expect to be starting deliveries from the beginning of November. To order yours and find out more about the car and when you can enjoy a test drive, contact our teams in Northallerton, Darlington and Teesside. Either phone us directly or submit an enquiry form online and we’ll get back to you.​


To help keep you safe when you reach faster speeds, the GT86 Pro is fitted with Vehicle Stability Control and Limited Slip Differential technology. These systems prevent you from skidding and keep all four wheels firmly on the ground. Seven airbags are fitted to protect you and your passengers.

Order your Toyota GT86 Pro now

You can order your GT86 Pro now. Deliveries are expected to start in November. Either call us direct or submit an online enquiry form to order yours, or if you would like further information and to find out when you can enjoy a test drive. We are based in Northallerton, Darlington and Teesside and you can speak to any of our teams about the GT86 Pro.

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