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If you're interested in a hybrid vehicle, chances are you have a few questions. Below are a list of our most commonly asked questions, but if you have any further queries, don't hesitate to contact us at our sites in Teesside, Darlington or Northallerton.

1. What is a Toyota hybrid?

A Toyota hybrid car is a vehicle that uses both a petrol engine as well as a battery-powered electric motor to run the vehicle. Utilising both petrol and electricity is an economical and ecological way to encourage more fuel and cost efficient driving.

2. Which Toyota models are Hybrid?

A wide range of Toyota models are available as Hybrid cars. The Yaris Hybrid and New Corolla Hybrid are ideal vehicles for around-town motoring, making the daily commute and school run hugely efficient.

For those needing something a little larger, there’s the New Toyota C-HR Hybrid and the New RAV4 Hybrid, both of which offer strong performance and impressive fuel economy, as well as extra space for your growing family. Recently, the futuristic Toyota Mirai Hybrid and practical Touring Sports Hybrid have also been added to the range.

Finally, there is the iconic Toyota Prius, one of the UK’s first Hybrid models, and its sister vehicles the Prius+ and Prius Plug-In. The Prius+ is extremely versatile, being able to seat up to seven, while the Plug-In model reduces CO2 emissions to as little as 28g/km.

3. What is Toyota Hybrid technology?

Toyota Hybrid technology is the brand’s innovative system that combines a traditional fuel engine with an electric motor powered by a battery. Each can work independently of the other or together to power the vehicle. The technology enables Toyota cars to save fuel, reduce emissions and even recharge their battery without needing to be plugged in.

Toyota Hybrid technology includes Synergy Drive, an industry-leading system that takes six components (including a petrol engine, electric motor, electric generator and power control unit) to create a mechanism that allows you to seamlessly and automatically switch from electric to fuel power and vice-versa.

4. Can you lease a Toyota Hybrid?

Yes, it’s possible to lease a Toyota Hybrid model. You can either do this through RMB Toyota on a long-term basis, whereby we tailor a lease-based finance plan to suit you, or you can hire one on a short-term basis from a reputable leasing company.

If you want to purchase a Toyota Hybrid, we recommend taking a test drive at one of our modern dealerships to get a feel for the drive. Our sales advisors will be happy to take you out for a spin and talk through the differences between a Hybrid and a conventional model. Contact our teams in Teesside, Darlington or Northallerton today.

5. How long does the battery for a Toyota hybrid last?

The batteries in most Toyota hybrid vehicles are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. If the battery does need to be changed, the vehicle will show signs such as fuel economy dropping as well as the engine running almost constantly.

6. Are hybrid vehicles safe?

To ensure the safety and reliability of Toyota hybrid vehicles, every effort has been made to include as many safety features as possible. For example, circuit breakers cut the current of electricity when the vehicle is damaged in an accident, and other safety systems including ABS, Electronic Breakforce Distribution (EDB) as well as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are all standard features.

7. Do I need to plug a hybrid in?

No. The only Toyota hybrid that requires plugging in is the Prius Plug In Hybrid. This will need plugging in when the battery requires topping up and the vehicle is parked.

8. Is it expensive to service and maintain a hybrid?

To service and maintain a hybrid vehicle, the costs are similar to those of a conventional car. When choosing an approved service centre, your hybrid vehicle will be serviced and maintained by those who know it best. Due to the nature of the hybrid powertrain, less strain is placed on the engine meaning you may find that it is cheaper to service and maintain your vehicle as parts may not need replacing as often.

9. Are hybrid cars expensive to buy?

Compared to non-hybrid vehicles, Toyota hybrid cars do tend to have a higher starting price. However, it is important to remember that hybrid vehicles have a lower running cost than conventional ones, so they are most cost effective and affordable in the long run.

10. Can a hybrid car continue to run on electricity when it runs out of fuel?

No. A hybrid car is not designed to operate without any fuel in the tank, and as a result, driving with no fuel can severely damage the system.

If you have any further questions or wish to speak to a member of our team about our range of Toyota hybrid vehicles, please use the buttons below to get in touch.

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