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On this page you will find a range of tools to help you calculate the whole-life costs of a vehicle, including tax and National Insurance contributions. This allows you to compare like-for-like and find the most cost-effective fleet cars for your needs.

A clear picture of whole-life costs

The complete car cost calculator is a tool which is easy to use and tells you the true cost of a car over full length of its life. With this information, you can make a fully-informed decision and choose the best finance option for your needs. Please enquire today to book an appointment with a business adviser.

Use the Toyota car tax tool for a quick look at your company car tax:

The amount of company car tax you pay depends on the CO2 emissions released by your car and the list price of the vehicle. This tool calculates the rate of Benefit-in-Kind tax, annual tax and the National Insurance contribution you would be liable to pay for the first three years of leasing or ownership.


We also have developed specialist apps to help you

My Company Car app - Compare your annual National Insurance costs

This is a useful app that tells you the annual tax, Benefit-in-Kind tax and National Insurance contributions that you would pay. All you need to do is scan the registration plate of the car with your phone.

  • See how much company car tax (P11D) you pay
  • Check your tax for registered vehicles
  • Modify results by tax year or income

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*Currently only for Apple iOS users on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

MyCar Tax Guide app*

Get a comprehensive guide to UK company car tax

This app offers a detailed guide to company car tax and how it is calculated. The latest updates and information are available here, too.

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*Is available on iOS and Android.