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SMART Cover is the intelligent choice...

Unfortunately, chips, scuffs, scratches and minor dents can happen through everyday driving, but that's where SMART Cover comes in to protect your vehicle.

Designed to help keep your vehicle in excellent condition, SMART Cover which stands for Small Motor Accident Repair Technology sees SMART repair technicians using sophisticated processes to restore your vehicle to immaculate condition without having to claim through your motor insurance and risk losing your no claims bonus.

What's covered?

  • Scuffs, scratches and dents - Up to 300mm in length and 3mm deep
  • Stone chips - Up to 5mm in diameter and 1.5mm deep
  • Vulnerable panels including front and rear valances

What's included?

  • Professional repairs
  • Minor scratches, dents, chips and scuffs repaired
  • Choose your repair location - at home or your place of work
  • Keep your no claims bonus
  • Maintain the resale value of your vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many claims can I make on my SMART Cover policy?

There's no limit on the number of claims you can make. However, each claim is limited to £500, with aggregate limit of £3,000 over the term your policy.

2. Do I have to pay an excess?

Yes. There is a £10 excess on each claim, which is paid on the completion of the repair.

3. Will my motor insurance no claims bonus be affected?

No, SMART Cover is completely separate from your normal Motor Insurance policy.

4. How do I claim?

Claims must be reported within 30 days of noticing any damage by contacting the claims line on 0800 077 8713.

5. Is the repair guaranteed?

Yes. All repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle whilst it remains in your possession.

6. Can I cancel my SMART Cover policy?

You are able to cancel your policy in the first 14 days and receive a full refund - provided no claim has been made. If you cancel the policy after the first 14 days you will receive a pro rata refund provided you have not made a claim.

The refund is subject to a £29.99 administration fee.

7. What's not covered under my SMART Cover policy?

Damage of any kind to wheels, rims or tyres. If any panel is ripped, holed, torn or perforated. Damage to beading, moulding, glass, lights or decals. Any damage that occurred before the policy start date.

8. Can I transfer the SMART Cover policy?

Yes. The remaining term of the policy can be transferred to a replacement vehicle if you sell the original.

The transfer will be subject to an administration fee of £29.99.

9. Does the SMART Cover policy cover damage to other vehicles?

Only the vehicle detailed on the policy schedule is covered.

10. Who is covered by the policy?

The policy covers damage to your car irrespective of the driver.

Ready to purchase SMART Cover?

To find out more about SMART Cover or to purchase cover for your new vehicle contact your Sales Executive.