Double Celebration at RMB Automotive | RMB Renault

30 years at RMB Automotive

There's a double celebration at RMB Automotive, as Finance Director Sarah Waddington and Sales Administrator Jan Bean, celebrate significant work anniversaries together. Sarah has been with RMB Automotive for twenty years and Jan ten. To mark the occasion Sarah presented Jan with flowers and a cake and Jan was quite overwhelmed! In a world where it is accepted that people change jobs to progress their career, Sarah and Jan show that loyalty and hard work is rewarded.

Sarah joined RMB Automotive as Group Accountant in 1999, back when the company was known as Rylands, in 2003 the company was bought by Robert Bennett and became RMB Automotive. Jan joined RMB Toyota Darlington and  has been a much respected member of the team, overseeing the Sales administration function and ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

20 years

We asked both ladies, what their highlights have been and what's kept them loyal to RMB.

Sarah explained that it is a passion for the people, the manufacturer brands and the RMB family values that have kept her loyal: "I have been fortunate to be able to progress my career with RMB Automotive, joining as Group Accountant and working my way to Finance Director and then in recent years accepting Operations Director role. For me personally, taking over the the operational side of the business 5 years ago was an important achievement. I have been fortunate to have been involved in the expansion of the business and in recent years witnessed the introduction of RMB Northallerton in 2005, RMB Teesside in 2007 and most recently RMB Darlington in 2018.

Without a doubt the most rewarding part of my job is witnessing business growth and success and seeing it happen through such a strong team effort. It's incredibly fulfilling seeing people develop and progress within the company too. Without the people the company simply wouldn't be what it is."

Similarly, Jan expressed, that loyalty is down to give and take and that the family values of RMB have have kept her loyal to the brand: "It is being looked after by a family run business that makes the difference at RMB. I work hard and I enjoy my job and feel that I am rewarded for doing so. It's about give and take. I enjoy working in such a fast paced environment and being able to support the team and keep things running smoothly. At the end of the day its about making it all work for the benefit of the customers. Although, I work behind the scenes I know many of our customers, who in turn know me. I will remain loyal to RMB and I'm keen to progress as others have should the opportunity arise."

These two prominent work anniversaries happen at a time when the Group goes from strength to strength during a challenging economic background and ever changing fast paced industry, which Sarah feels is testament to family values and a strong team with a solid work ethic.