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Work your way towards owning your own commercial vehicle with a Lease Purchase agreement from RNB Renault. Perfect for business owners who want the benefits of ownership without the heavy burden of an advance payment, a Lease Purchase spreads the cost of the vehicle into manageable monthly repayments. The vehicle will belong to your company throughout the agreement and when the contract’s up, it’s officially yours.

How does it work?

Step One: No two businesses are the same, so each Lease Purchase agreement is tailored to suit your business’ budget, size and circumstances. This means you can choose the initial deposit amount that’s right for you and the terms or usage parameters of your agreement. 

Step Two: Once you’ve paid the deposit, an RMB Renault business adviser will calculate your monthly repayment based on the remaining amount to be financed, the agreed contract period and the final ‘balloon payment’. This is a great option if you’d prefer to reduce your monthly rental and keep cash flow strong, with a proportion of the vehicle’s cost offset into the ‘balloon payment’. The interest is agreed at the beginning of your contract and is fixed as part of your monthly repayment for the full length of the agreement, so there will be no nasty surprises throughout your ownership.

Step Three: When you’ve made all the monthly repayments and the agreed final ‘balloon payment’ is paid, the vehicle is yours.

Why choose RMB Renault Lease Purchase?

  • With a Lease Purchase agreement, you’re Renault vehicle will be a recognised company asset – throughout the duration of the contract and when it is ended
  • As a balance sheet item, the value of a vehicle bought with a Lease Purchase agreement can be written down against taxable profits
  • A low deposit and fixed monthly repayments and interest keep you in control of your budget and cash flow
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Simple and quick to set up

If you’re a business customer, you can find out more about RNB Renault’s Lease Purchase option by making an enquiry using the online contact form. Alternatively, call or visit us at our RNB Renault Pro+ centres in Darlington and Northallerton to speak to an expert business adviser.

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