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Renault Contract Hire

Contract Hire with RMB Renault is a no-fuss vehicle rental plan for business customers, with fixed monthly rental repayments over an agreed term to suit your budget. Designed with business owners in mind, Contract Hire is the ideal product for companies who would prefer the security of a hire to the financial risk and administrative load of purchasing a company car or fleet outright.

Advanced rental

Step 1.

Choose the Renault vehicle or fleet for your business and pay an advanced rental, ranging from three to twelve months, in advance.

Balance to fund​

Step 2.

Then choose a rental term so that fixed monthly payments can be calculated. This will be your fixed monthly payment for the duration of your contract. You also agree to an annual mileage allowance to suit your predicted requirements.

At the end

Step 3.

​At the end of the agreement simply return the vehicle to us. You will have nothing further to pay, provided the vehicle is in good condition and has not exceeded the agreed mileage allowance.

Why choose RMB Renault Contract Hire?

  • Low initial outlay and fixed rental payments for easy budgeting and cash flow management
  • Flexibility to increase your contract term and mileage should your circumstances change
  • Option to include vehicle servicing, maintenance and even tyre costs, all within your contract hire agreement as part of your monthly repayment
  • Road Fund Licence included
  • Reduced VAT with monthly vehicle payments offset against taxable profits
  • Option for VAT-registered businesses to claim 100 percent VAT back, if the vehicle is used exclusively for business
  • If used privately, claim 50 percent of the VAT back on the finance of the rental
  • No concerns over the residual value of your car over time
  • No need to worry about selling or part exchanging your vehicle at the end of the contract – simply return it to us

You can find out more information about RNB Renault’s Contract Hire option for business customers by making an enquiry using the online form. Alternatively, call or visit us at our RNB Renault Pro+ centres in Darlington and Northallerton to speak to an expert business adviser.

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