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Converted Vehicles

Choose from a comprehensive range of factory-converted vehicles at RMB Renault. These are available to order directly from our Renault dealerships in Darlington and Northallerton, and are provided with a full manufacturer warranty. We can also perform skilled conversions on a wide selection of chassis and platform cabs, if what you’re looking for is not available in our factory range, or if you need a tailored solution for your unique requirements. 

Ambulances and Emergency services 

RMB Renault has an ideal range of front-wheel drive vehicles for customer requiring passenger and patient transport. The flexibility and low load floor of Renault vans like the Trafic or Master offer easy access to and from the passenger area, making them a popular choice for the Ambulance service. Our converter partners can tailor each vehicle to suit your specific operational needs and budget, ensuring every conversion meets stringent approval regulations.



It’s our priority at RMB Renault to make your life easier and safer. We work with specialist converter partners to provide an extensive range of purposely designed ‘in vehicle’ storage systems, hydraulic lifting equipment and bespoke handling solutions, to reduce your risk of manual handling and avoid any incidental damage from loosely stowed items. 

Minibuses, Motability and taxis

RMB Renault is proud to support our Motability customers. We stock a range of suitable base vehicles that can be easily converted for wheelchair users with a specific access requirement. Both the Trafic and Master vans are great options for Motability customers, and with our partners you can trust that each conversion meets the highest possible standard. These base models are also suitable as taxis or private hire vehicles, where we can tailor a solution to suit your individual business requirements.

Refrigerated van

A range of vehicle options are available as temperature-controlled vehicles, from the smaller Kangoo and Trafic to the Master and even models in the Chassis Cab range. So, whether you need an insulated, heated, chilled or deep-freeze solution, RMB Renault is here to help. We can also support you with insulated curtains for multi-drop application, multi-compartment for differing temperature zones, 240-volt standby, data logging and equipment.

To find out more about our converted vehicles, call or visit us at our dealerships in Darlington and Northallerton.