Winter Safety Service | Darlington & Northallerton | RMB Renault

Stay safe this winter

Save 50% off RRP with our winter safety service and FREE winter pack

Winter is quickly approaching and it's important that your car is safe during the most challenging season of the year. Book a quick, easy and affordable service, to ensure you and your passengers are safe on the roads.

What will you get with a Winter Safety Service?

  • Full Winter Vehicle Health Check

Includes checks to the tyres, windscreen, bodywork and all lights.

  • Antifreeze and Washer Top-up

Prevent the water in your engine from freezing and causing damage to your car with a seasonal Top-up.

  • De-icer Kit

Includes a free windscreen scraper as well as de-icer.

Terms and Conditions: Terms and conditions apply. RRP £59.99 Winter Health Check. Winter Health Check includes top up of antifreeze & screen wash as well as, tyre check, exterior light check, battery check, screen & wipers check. Checks of tyres, battery, screen and wipers are visual only. It may be recommend that essential work is be carried out on the grounds of safety before driving your vehicle. De-icer kit is subject to availability. Offer ends 29th February 2020.