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Keep cool this summer with RMB Renault

Stay cool, clean, and comfortable with an air conditioning check and service.

Ensure you keep cool this summer by having your vehicle's air conditioning system checked - it's quick, easy and affordable.

What does an air con check include?

For just £29 we will check the air con gas pressure and quality, ensuring everything is working as it should be and that there are no leaks. We will also check your refrigerant levels as it’s important to have them topped up for optimal performance.

The check also includes a free fragranced antibacterial air-con bomb which cleanses your circulation system and leaves your vehicle smelling wonderful.

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Air conditioning service with a gas refill from just £59.99.

All gas types. All makes and models.

Air conditioning not working effectively?

Book your air con service and gas refill with RMB Renault from just £59.99 and have it ice cold in no time at all. We’ll service the full air con system, refill the gas and include an antibacterial air-con bomb that will leave your car cool and smelling fragrant. We’ll refill your gas regardless of which type of gas your car needs.

All makes and models and accepted (excludes vans and engines over 2.5 litres)*

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To keep enjoying the benefits of your climate control system, it is important to keep it maintained and in good working order. Contact your local RMB Renault site to book your air con check or service today.

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