Toyota's Hydrogen Powered FCV to arrive in 2015 | RMB Automotive


Toyota is preparing to release a pioneering vehicle in 2015 which will signal a further step forward for green car technology.

The FCV saloon will be the first-ever production model to use hydrogen fuel-cell power, and using two fuel cells it will offer a range of up to 440 miles. This innovative fuel stack will produce the electrical equivalent of 135bhp, and refuelling is as efficient as traditional combustion engines, taking just three minutes.

The model will go up against Toyota’s environmentally-aware hybrids, which today comprise the Prius, Auris and Yaris, as well as the equivalent from many other leading manufacturers. BMW’s i3 and i8 are among them, while Lexus is well established as a leader among clean, luxury saloons.

In addition to its zero-emission powertrain, the FCV will include a striking exterior design. Toyota claims it will evoke “two key characteristics of a fuel cell vehicle: the transformation of air into water as the system produces electricity, and the powerful acceleration enabled by the electric drive motor.” Further advanced onboard technology can also be expected from this forward-thinking vehicle.

You can be among the first to read about developments to the FCV with RMB Automotive, and experience the model first-hand when we take delivery next year.