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Toyota i-Road

The all-new Toyota i-Road is a car built for the future. As a completely electric car there are no emissions given off at all, making it perfect for city driving, and with a lithium-ion battery you can drive more than 30 miles on one charge; perfect for urban commuters seeking to reduce traffic in major cities.

Small and innovatively designed it is also easy to park, with four i-Roads capable of fitting into just one parking spot, meaning the footprint left is even smaller than a Smart car or any supermini currently available. Two seats mean you can travel with a passenger or use the space to transport bags and other bulky items.

Toyota has described the experience of driving the new model as akin to skiing, operating almost as a cross between a nimble scooter and an eco-friendly electric car. With three wheels in total, the steering is carried out by the rear two, meaning you need to turn a bit earlier than you would in a normal car. The gyroscopes and sensors result in the car leaning into corners, just as a scooter or motorbike would, offering a fun and thrilling experience.

The i-Road is ideal for short, everyday trips that you might make to the shops or to work, but with a top of speed of 35mph you wouldn't want to be out on the open road for too long. A recharge time of three hours is excellent and you can use standard power outputs as well.

The i-Road made its debut appearance at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2013 and the first roadworthy prototype was demonstrated at a recent TED conference. The current models are being tested in Tokyo, Silicon Valley and Grenoble, and Toyota has yet to announce an entry-level price point. Keep up-to-date with all the latest developments regarding the Toyota i-Road and register your interest by getting in touch with your nearest RMB dealership today.