RMB take part in the Para 10 Mile Fitness Challenge

This weekend John Wade, Business Centre Manager at RMB Toyota took part in the “Para 10 Mile Fitness Challenge”. Look at the smiles on the faces and the look of sense of achievement on every face.

The goal was set months ago by @GlennHill, Johns Personal Trainer, who coached all the team with their training, changed their mind-set so the team complete the task without embarrassment. The team ran, walked and raced 10 miles carrying 10kg. If that wasn’t enough endurance to be tested they also completed press ups, squats, lunges and carries in horrendous weather. Did the weather dis-hearten them? Absolutely not, it made the sense of achievement even bigger.

John said, “It was hard, but I’d definitely do it again next year”. John is keen to share off some time as this was the first time he had attempted such a challenge. #itrainhard #parafitcls2015.