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New Ford technology enables drivers to breathe cleaner air​

Ford has taken a huge step to counteract the problem of unclean air in cities and built-up areas by introducing the Ford Air Filtration system. Designed to provide air that is cleaner than in the countryside, the advanced system works to counter the effects of asthma and sneezing, increasing the safety levels of Ford cars.

Tests show it to be a highly effective system; concentrations of nitrogen dioxide have been found to be lower in cars fitted with the technology. Up to 99 percent of pollen is also blocked from entering the car, which will be a boost to hay fever sufferers.

Introduced into the all-new Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy, the air filtration system uses activated charcoal, just like gas masks, respirators and spacesuits. When carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide is detected outside of the car, it will shut down incoming air as well as switching on the filtration and air recirculation system.

It is estimated that more than a quarter of people in Europe suffer from hay fever, which can make them up to a third more likely to be involved in a collision, according to Ford. This is alongside the fact that sneezing while driving at 60mph will lead you to driving ‘blind’ for 20 metres.

Volker Scheer, Technical Expert, Environment and Health, Ford of Europe, said: “Ford’s filtration technology is of a quality one would only usually expect in luxury cars. The team drove test vehicles in areas of heavy congestion and concentrated pollution, such as tunnels and urban areas to prove the system.”

The technology was developed at the Ford European Research and Innovation Centre, Aachen, Germany, which is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, and is home to many of the most advanced innovations currently on the road.

Ken Washington, Vice-President, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, said: “At Ford, we aspire to improve people’s lives through innovation, whether it be advanced lighting technologies that better highlight potential dangers or an advanced filtration system that pumps ultra-clean air into the vehicle’s cabin.”

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