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Ian Lamming is seduced by the new Lexus LC500

LUST, it’s a terrible thing; politically incorrect, immoral, ungodly – but in this particular instance, it’s allowed.

Why? Well just look. I defy anyone with breath in their body not to yearn for the new Lexus coupe, the LC500.

Its concept lines leave even the most righteous panting, heart fluttering, glands salivating with pure want, covetous desire, soul-selling need.

LC500 is the latest grand tourer to come out of the Lexus camp and it is truly glorious to behold.

There is absolutely no compromise in the design. It is 21st century concept design at its very best and I’m sure has changed little from the radical initial sketches of an imagination driven artist who penned what has to be the most striking car on the road.

From any angle the LC is utterly stunning. Sleek fails to do it justice. The tarmac skimming front spoiler rises into the cheese grating spindle grille and angular lights, before flowing seamlessly back across the low bonnet to the steeply raked windscreen. It’s a look so aggressive it could scare North Korea into compliance.

Side on it’s a swooping, uninterrupted, graceful line with perfect proportions and wheels so large they could have come off a Le Mans race car.

Then there is the rear, easily a match for the stupendous nose, with angular surfaces and lights and twin fared-in exhaust ports. What a gorgeous creature.

Inside is equally impressive with a motorcycle-style instrument cluster sending a clear message that this is a coupe for the driver. Leather and Alcantara abound and the feeling of sheer luxury is beyond compare. It is sumptuous, tactile, intuitive and craftsman-built.

Lexus remains committed to avoiding the pitfalls of touch screen and has opted for a pad on which the finger can navigate a host of features on the large colour screen. There is Bluetooth, of course, but also a slot for the DVDs and if you fancy the premium sound system, it comes from specialists Mark Levison, backed by a tinnitus-inducing 13-speaker surround sound set up.

No marque can match Lexus’ superior levels of refinement but LC500 comes with a surprising alter-ego. The 5.0 litre V8 roars, snarls, spits between changes and excites. LC is genuinely quick with a 0-60mph time around four seconds and a top speed of 168mph. It has compelling performance and a Jekyll and Hyde personality. It is happy to cruise silently through town or along the motorway (with 30+mpg on the trip computer by the way), but when asked will howl like a banshee with an aural quality second to none.

At all times ride and handling, steering and grip remain in complete control. It is an inspiring car to drive evoking real passion in anyone lucky enough to be at the wheel.

But that’s ok and it is alright to leer because in the LC500 Lexus has produced a car that is going to be loved by all.

Fact file

Lexus LC500

Engine: 5.0 litre V8

Power: 477PS combined

0-62mph: 4.7 secs

Top speed: 168mph

Transmission: 10-speed auto

Combined MPG: -

CO2 g/km: 263