Lexus starts production of new NX Crossover | RMB Automotive


Lexus has announced that it is commencing production of its new NX crossover vehicle.

This news takes the marque’s latest and much-anticipated crossover project one step closer to UK customers. The official opening of the production line was celebrated at Lexus’ Miyata plant in Japan on August 8, 2014. While the Miyata plant will produce the finished vehicles, the nearby Kanda plant has also been given a new lease of life through its involvement in the production of the NX.

The Japanese market is already clamouring for the new crossover model, with over 6,500 orders taken for the new model in Japan. Industry experts have often seen the Japanese market as indicative of trends to follow in the wider global car market, and orders are flooding in from around the globe, particularly the USA and China. At present, Lexus is working on several hundred UK orders of the new NX 300h crossover, which are due to start being delivered to the UK in October.

After the decline in the global car market following the financial crisis of 2008, production was scaled back at Kanda with the shutdown of one of its production lines. The demand for NX production has meant the closed production line will reopen and supply the 2.0-litre petrol turbo unit for the new NX 200t model.

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