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Lexus IS 200t introduces petrol turbo power

The Lexus IS 200t will become the latest Lexus model to include petrol turbo power technology, providing it with rapid throttle response, excellent fuel economy and increased torque. It will hit our roads in September, with buyers able to take advantage of the supreme driving performance from the premium saloon model.

The IS 200t joins the NX 200t crossover and the all-new RX 200t SUV in the petrol turbo power Lexus range. A 2.0-litre engine produces 241bhp and a maximum torque figure of 350Nm resulting in truly exhilarating performance levels; with the eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission it enables the car to achieve 0-62mph acceleration. But perhaps the most impressive figure is the average fuel consumption of 40.4mpg, which is made possible by the petrol turbo power technology as well as clever design features.

Crafted from low nickel content and heat resistant steel the weight of the engine is just 160kg which helps to further enhance the efficiency of the IS 200t. A clever heat management system also improves economy, with a rapid warm-up system for the cylinder block that delays the flow of coolant into the engine.

This ground-breaking Lexus also becomes the first Lexus saloon to vary gear shifting in line with G-forces. As it automatically downshifts during heavy braking when you near a corner, it will find the best gear for the turn before shifting to a more suitable gear to accelerate away.

What do you think about the new Lexus IS 200t and the petrol turbo power technology? If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact RMB Lexus today.