Celebrating International Women's Day at RMB Automotive | RMB Automotive

Celebrating International Women's Day at RMB Automotive

We're celebrating International Women's Day by shining the spotlight

on women in the motor retail industry. We'd like to share with you

the achievements of our fabulous Group Accountant Vicki


Vicki began her RMB journey in November 2005 as assistant

accountant, commuting from Washington, Tyne and Wear to our

Stockton office. Her career has gone from strength to strength and

though passion and dedication Vicki is now Group Accountant,

responsible for leading a team of six.

She says: “I love working for a company that has a vision to grow

and be the best retailer in the area. Watching RMB grow from three

sites to eight has been very exciting and I'm always keen to see

what comes next. Being based at Head Office in Stockton, I don't

get to visit our other sites often, however the working

relationship between all sites is brilliant and everyone pulls

together as a team to reach the desired goal.”

Vicki's first introduction to the automotive industry was through

a number of prestigious brands; Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls

Royce, Bentley and Jaguar. She adds: “Within six years of starting

my apprenticeship with these brands I had learnt a number of roles

within the dealership and made the decision to follow a career

within accounts.

“My growth from an apprentice to group accountant is something I

am proud of as well as having a fantastic team. You can't achieve

your career ambitions without a dynamic and talented team beside


“The advice I would give to women who want to progress in the

motor trade industry is to work hard for what you want with the

determination to succeed, be strong and fearless.”

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Vicki Halse Staff Photo
From apprentice to group accountant, Vicki Halse has risen through the ranks in the motor retail industry