10 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid | RMB Automotive

10 reasons to buy a hybrid

1. Lower fuel costs

When making the move to a hybrid vehicle, you will notice that your fuel costs will reduce significantly. Thanks to hybrid technology, your vehicle can run on pure electricity when going at slower speeds, meaning you’ll use less fuel.

2. Reduced car tax

Hybrid vehicles provide much fewer threats to the environment, and as such, they have a lower, if not NIL car tax. Just one more reason to love a hybrid vehicle.

3. Reduced local air pollution

Thanks to the combined petrol and electric engines, hybrid vehicles produce fewer emissions. This is great for the environment, and can also mean a lower road tax.

4. Silent, low speed driving

The electric motor in the hybrid/electric system makes for an almost silent drive when moving at low speeds.

5. They drive like normal cars

A myth about hybrid vehicles is that they’re different to drive. This simply isn’t true! A hybrid vehicle drives exactly the same as every other automatic transmission vehicle on the market – just fewer emissions!

6. Less Maintenance

With a hybrid vehicle running on both electricity and fuel, your engine will only be running around half of the time. This means there is less use to your vehicle engine and in turn, less maintenance should be required.

7. High residual value

Hybrid vehicles are in such high demand with the rise in fuel prices and the need to become a greener driver. It is therefore likely that your vehicle will maintain a high value when you decide to trade it in for a newer model.

8. Lots of choice

With Toyota, Lexus and Ford all offering hybrid vehicles, there is plenty of models to choose from. If you’re looking for a small city car, the Toyota Yaris might be your best choice, whilst those of you who want a more luxurious model can opt for the Lexus NX – the perfect self-charging hybrid SUV.

9. Self-charging system

Most of the energy produced when you brake is fed back into the battery. This increases the amount of charge available to the electric motor, which results in less fuel consumption. Self-charging hybrid. Simple!

10. No idling

If you're used to traveling on busy roads, you'll be familiar with being sat in traffic, seemingly wasting fuel or energy. This is not the case with a hybrid vehicle, as the automatic start/stop function will kick in when you are in stand still traffic or at a traffic light.