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Lexus RX Rear Exterior
Lexus RX Front Exterior
Lexus RX


The RX is the best-selling model in Lexus's 26-year history. With more than 2.1 million reaching the road, it represents three out of every 10 vehicles the company has sold. The new fourth generation model looks to build on that achievement, with a completely redesigned, luxurious interior, wrapped in a chiselled new body with a longer wheelbase.

A large dose of Lexus's brand DNA has been artfully incorporated into the details, things you can feel as well as see. The reimagining of the model also yields superior on-road performance and new safety technologies, including the innovative Lexus Safety System+.

Takayuki Katsuda, RX Chief Engineer, said: Our ambition has been to make a completely new statement in this segment while building on and staying true to the ground-breaking values of previous RX generations.

“Lexus's pioneering spirit drives our creation of new technology and generates new ideas. It allows us to introduce new vehicles with leading-edge features. We are committed to bringing 'progressive luxury' to the world.

"I believe this new RX will not only surprise new customers, it will also delight and satisfy our loyal customers, whose high expectations will be met by many innovations."

Details and specifications of the production model for the UK and Europe will be announced later this year.