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At Lexus Teesside, we do our very best to provide exceptional customer service – and that means keeping you in the know with updates not only from our Lexus Teesside dealership, but from the world of Lexus too.

From new releases and Lexus vehicles available to event information and industry news, we’ve got you covered with all the hot topics. Our Lexus news page is regularly updated with stories that’ll excite and inform – so watch this space.

For more information about our full Lexus range or to test drive your favourite model, contact Lexus Teesside today. As a family run business, we’re thrilled to represent this premium division of the Toyota marque and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Lexus turns heads for all the right reasons and we’re here to guide you through the purchasing process. We also have regular offers and deals, so don’t miss out.