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It’s hard not to be drawn in by the latest innovations from Lexus. Renowned for their hybrid technology and stylish designs, the manufacturer’s models lead the way in combining luxury and performance with fuel efficiency and low environmental impact. For instance, Lexus CT is the world’s first fully-hybrid luxury compact car. Its feisty power system, combined with its streamlined build, delivers a responsive drive that is a pure joy to experience.

Sports car enthusiasts may be more enamoured with the IS 300h. This hybrid version of the IS 250 emits a tax-free 99g/km of CO2 yet its engine supplies 223bhp. The V6 petrol-powered alternative comes with an intuitive six-speed automatic transmission, with the option to drive in manual ‘M’ mode using the immersive paddle shifts.

Another low-tax option is the GS, a family-friendly five-door with enough power to reach 60mph in less than 5.9 seconds. This is due to a powerful electric motor which, when combined with a 2.5-litre direct-injection petrol system, minimises fuel consumption and carbon output.

The even more spacious saloon offering of the LS boasts some of the most sophisticated styling of any vehicle on the road. It also features a lot of pioneering technology, including the world’s widest multimedia display, the world’s quietest performance, class-leading crash-prevention technology and seamless switching between hybrid and electric modes.

Lexus claims a lot of world firsts. The latest innovation to top off its impressive repertoire is the RX – the first-ever fully-hybrid luxury SUV. This versatile vehicle comes equipped with a super-efficient V6 engine and two high-output electric motors for a more eco-conscious drive which doesn’t compromise on style or space.

The full range is now available to view and test drive at our Lexus Teesside showroom. Make an enquiry about your ideal Lexus model today and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to discuss the cars’ features in greater detail.