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Lexus Connect is a convenient and straightforward way to make Lexus part of your company’s fleet.

Choose from Lexus Connect Contract Hire and Lexus Connect Contract Purchase. There are benefits to both and the right option for your business depends on your circumstances and priorities.

Lexus Connect Contract Hire

Lexus Connect Contract Hire gives you the opportunity to drive a Lexus model for an agreed period of time before simply handing it back. It is a fuss-free, low-risk and affordable option as you do not need to worry about disposal or value depreciation.

With fixed low rental costs and optional maintenance packages, Lexus Connect Contract Hire makes budgeting easier. This form of finance is particularly suited to VAT-registered businesses, as 50% of the VAT is reclaimable on rentals.

You just need to choose the right Lexus model for your business with the help of our showroom team, and agree the repayment period and annual mileage. Lexus Financial Services takes care of much of the admin and you have full use of the car without owning it.

Lexus Connect Contract Purchase

With Lexus Connect Contract Purchase, you can finance a brand new Lexus and protect yourself from the costs of depreciation. Lexus Financial Services guarantees the value of the car at the end of the agreement and deducts it from the selling price. That means all you have to worry about is the difference between the two, and the cost of borrowing.

With affordable deposit amounts and fixed monthly repayments, this is an advantageous way to finance your fleet. At the end of the agreement, there are various flexible choices for you to choose from. You can pay the guaranteed value and keep the car, part-exchange and upgrade to a new Lexus, or simply return the car.

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To find out more about Lexus Connect, please contact the team at Lexus in Stockton-on-Tees.