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The defining characteristics of Lexus models make them ideal for business use. Build quality, reliability and solid residual values are all vital traits for a dependable fleet and are the reason Lexus cars represent such a smart investment.

Lexus places emphasis on providing exceptional value for money, with high specifications as standard and integral luxury running through every model. What’s more, with our innovative hybrid engines delivering a perfect balance of power and efficiency and minimal CO2 emissions, your business will profit from low benefit-in-kind tax bills.

If your company is looking to cut their carbon footprint amid growing concern over climate change, our world-leading range of environmentally-friendly hybrid cars is an effective solution. We are guided by a clear vision of sustainable mobility so a Lexus fleet is a powerful way to send a message of your commitment to sustainability.

The Lexus brand is synonymous with class and quality, and the sleek, contemporary styling of all of our models leaves a positive and lasting impression. Luxurious interiors, smooth performance and advanced technology all blend to create a refined driving environment for drivers and passengers alike.​



At Lexus we believe in delivering a superlative customer service that is uniquely tailored to meet each individual customer's needs. This philosophy extends into our Corporate Sales division, which is why on first making contact with Lexus you'll be assigned a dedicated Corporate Sales Consultant to personally guide you through the sales process.

We know that every business is different, so your Corporate Sales Consultant will work with you to identify your specific requirements, select the appropriate commercial framework and secure the correct fleet of cars for your scheme members. They will be on hand every step of the way to answer any questions you may have, to arrange vehicle demonstrations and to help with requests for quotations.

In addition to providing regular updates regarding the progress of your order, at the end of the process the Corporate Sales Consultant will offer a full vehicle hand-over at the point of delivery. And to go that extra step, we'll also promise to contact you within 7 days of receipt of your vehicles to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Lexus Interior




At Lexus we believe it is our responsibility to lead the industry's response to the environmental challenge. Environmental sustainability is the single biggest challenge facing our industry and our society this century. This is why everything we do, from creating innovative and class-leading Full Hybrid cars, to working with local communities to improve the quality of the environment, is guided by a clear vision of sustainable mobility. We call this our 360° approach to environmental leadership, and we firmly believe the growth and success of Lexus depends on it.

Lexus Hybrid Drive


Choosing Lexus could work out more affordable than you might think. With Lexus luxury isn't an optional extra, meaning much of the equipment you'd expect to pay more for in other manufacturer's cars are fitted as standard in a Lexus. Combine this with the competitive financing options available through Lexus Connect and you could find opting for Lexus is the easiest decision you'll ever have to make.

Lexus Hybrid Exterior


With an enviable range of Full Hybrid vehicles, Lexus has something for everyone. Far from sluggish, our Full Hybrid cars combine impressive acceleration from standing with a dramatic power surge when accelerating at speed. And when running on electric power alone no emissions are proceed at all. With less reliance on the petrol engine than in a conventional car, our Full Hybrids boast a superior fuel economy. And then there's the immeasurable pleasure derived from simply knowing – knowing that you have some of the world's most advanced automotive technology under your control.

Lexus Hybrid


Lexus Connect is the simplest way to make Lexus a part of your fleet. Available as a contract hire agreement or contract purchase; there are benefits with both.​

Lexus Connect


Simply drive your Lexus for an agreed period of time and then hand it back. This is a low-risk and affordable way to keep your business moving. Fixed affordable rental payments and optional maintenance packages allow you to budget easily and avoid unexpected costs.

With contract hire you are protected from depreciation and if your business is VAT registered then you can reclaim 50 percent of the VAT.​


  • No depreciation or residual value risk
  • Protection against any fall in used vehicle prices
  • Rentals are allowable against tax
  • 50% VAT reclaimable on rentals (VAT registered businesses only)
  • Fixed cost motoring making budgeting easier
  • Optional maintenance package covers unexpected costs (100% VAT is reclaimable on maintenance charges)
  • No responsibility for the disposal of the vehicle
  • Road Fund Licence - renewal included for the period of the contract
  • Off balance sheet funding


This method is a convenient and low-risk way to finance your Lexus. You can choose a deposit amount to suit you and we set a minimum guaranteed future value for your car to protect you from fluctuations in the market. This amount is deducted from the cash price along with the deposit and your monthly payments are then calculated from the difference. This is often more affordable than a hire purchase agreement. At the end of the contract, simply choose whether you wish to pay the Guaranteed Future Value and keep the car, upgrade by part-exchanging or return the car and walk away.

You benefit from fixed monthly payments to ensure there are no hidden costs, and you choose a term to suit you. Enjoy all the advantages of driving a brand new car and the associated low maintenance costs.


  • A proportion of the amount you're borrowing is deferred to the end of your agreement, which means your monthly payments are often more affordable than with other forms of borrowing.
  • With affordable monthly payments you may be able to upgrade your choice of vehicle, or add extras like accessories or pre-paid servicing.
  • Your payments are fixed, so there are no hidden financial surprises, and you can choose a term to suit you, from two to three years.
  • The future value of your car is guaranteed with LFS, so you won't lose out if trade-in values drop – and you could even benefit from some equity if they rise.
  • You can enjoy all the benefits of driving a brand-new car more often, and your maintenance costs will be much lower – in fact, you may never be out of warranty.
  • Non -VAT registered businesses will find Lexus Connect especially advantageous as will customers opting out of company car schemes.
  • Interest charges are tax-allowable, writing down allowances can be claimed and your car can be shown as an asset on the balance sheet.