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Enhance the way you do business with a Lexus as your company car

Lexus combines exceptional engineering and stylish looks in each of their models, making them the marque of choice for an executive company car. Luxury comes as standard, with spacious leather interiors and state-of-the-art technologies for your comfort and convenience. Lexus models also have strong and reliable engines. Whether you opt for a IS, GS or CT, each car is built on the premise of innovation and performance.

Not only this, but at Lexus Teesside, each of our Lexus models are reasonably priced and can be offered with a range of benefits for commercial users. Employees can benefit from low tax on their benefit in kind perks while having the opportunity to drive a smart and sophisticated car that makes a day on the road more enjoyable. We offer outstanding deals on fleets and can help you make the right choice to suit the nature of your business.

If you are a private business owner, you can enjoy low and affordable monthly payments and find it easier to manage the monthly outgoings of your business. Lexus cars also have a strong residual value, so when you decide to upgrade your company car, you can still get a great deal.

Lexus Connect Contract Hire is flexible finance package specially created for businesses and company car drivers. As well as low tax, fixed monthly payments and no depreciation risks, you can also opt for maintenance packages for your peace of mind when you’re on the road. Lexus Teesside is an expert Lexus dealer and has helped many businesses get around in style and plan their finances with ease.

Call the team at Lexus Teesside now for a quote on our commercial range and see how you could save money and improve the status of your business with a new Lexus model.

Use the Official Lexus Car Tax Calculator to calculate the benefit in kind value of your Lexus.




The core of the Lexus Design Philosophy is to be technologically advanced yet humanised, to create striking design but still be artistic yet unpretentious. The perfect balance of grace and power, our cars are a breed apart. Whether still or driving, they turn heads – there is something satisfactorily arresting about a Lexus: that's intriguing elegance.

Lexus Led Headlights


Among the world's finest in-car entertainment systems, a peerless 19-speaker Mark Levinson® Reference Surround system is available as an option on certain Lexus models and grades and is

painstakingly optimised, components adjusted, speakers positioned and tuning applied to address its unique acoustic environment.

Mark Levinson Reference Surround System
Lexus Advanced Equipment


Lexus is known for building luxurious cars that come with advanced equipment and deluxe fittings. You may expect these to come at an extra cost, but not with Lexus. These features are included as standard, making them more affordable than many people realise. Lexus Connect’s finance options makes choosing Lexus for your company cars even more valuable. 

Drilled Aluminium Pedals


With its distinctive honeycomb spindle grille and unique bumper, the eye-catching front of Lexus F SPORT models makes a bold and assertive design statement. A new leather design, with diamond shaped perforations, has been developed exclusively for the F SPORT. Vibrant garnet red is the signature F SPORT interior colour, while all F SPORT interiors feature a black roof lining. The interior boasts Drilled aluminium pedals reflect the motorsport design heritage of the new F SPORT models.


Lexus has a number of hybrid vehicles which offer an eco-friendly option for businesses. Powered partly by an electric motor, the hybrid Lexus cars are much more green. In fact, when running on the electric motor alone, it produces zero CO2 emissions. It’s not just about being green; they save money on fuel too. There’s no compromise with a hybrid - they have formidable acceleration power and can reach top speeds just like a traditional engine.

Lexus Stop Start Button


Seamless smartphone interface, next-generation navigation with the brush of a fingertip, use innovative electrostatic controls to adjust the air conditioning. And in the all-new IS Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert is used when reversing to detect vehicles that are approaching from selected angles which are not visible from the driver's seat.

Lexus Interior
Drive Mode Select


In ECO mode, engine output, gear selection, air conditioning and heated seats are controlled to reduce fuel consumption. In EV, ECO and NORMAL modes the instruments take on a tranquil blue colour, and the ecometer encourages you to drive more efficiently.

If you're in a dynamic mood, select SPORT mode and your Lexus immediately retunes the throttle for rapid acceleration. Switching to SPORT mode illuminates the instruments in a vibrant red.

Lexus Interior


Everything we do is designed to make the driving experience as peaceful and tranquil as possible, ensuring you arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed. Take the CT 200h for example, where every model is examined in our 'Quiet Dome' facility for smoothness and quiet running. Or the RX 450h where, as you enter the car, the driver's seat automatically slides forward 50mm and steering wheel extends to meet you to make life that little bit easier.




With Lexus Connect - Contract Hire you simply drive your Lexus for an agreed period then hand it back - subject to mileage and condition charges if applicable. You can even include a maintenance package.

It is a straight forward and low risk option to keep your business moving, particularly if your business is VAT registered. Budgeting is made easier with fixed affordable rentals and by including optional maintenance you can avoid many unexpected costs and charges.

With Lexus Connect Contract Hire you have the convenience of not having to worry about disposal or depreciation concerns, it's risk free - leaving you free to focus on enjoying your Lexus driving experience.


  • Fixed cost motoring for easy budgeting.
  • Lower monthly rentals.
  • No depreciation or residual value risks.
  • Tax benefits.
  • Optional maintenance packages.


If you have a VAT registered business, you may find a plan based on Contract Hire a straightforward and attractive option. Your budgeting is made easier with lower fixed monthly rentals and an optional maintenance package. You never own your Lexus under Contract Hire and have no responsibility for its sale. At the end of your agreement, you simply hand the car back to us.

You choose the Lexus you wish to drive, agree the repayment period and the maximum annual mileage that you expect to undertake. Based on these three factors we will arrange a fixed number of rentals some of which you will be required to pay in advance. Lexus Financial Services take care of much of the administration for items covered under a maintained contract and you have full use of the car without having to worry about any resale.