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The simple truths about Hybrid Cars

Some misconceptions remain about hybrid cars, their costs, and what they are like to drive. We dispel seven common myths below to help you understand the truth about these eco-friendly vehicles.

8 million hybrid car drivers in the world

1. There are over 8 million hybrid owners…and growing

Hybrid cars are growing in popularity with over 8 million owners worldwide. With manufacturers being encouraged to make their vehicles cleaner and more efficient, hybrid power is the future.

hybrid cars charge themselves

2. You don’t need to plug them in

Unlike all-electric cars, hybrid vehicles don’t need to be plugged in to charge the battery. Yes, plug-in hybrids are available, but even these models will run as a conventional hybrid, using regenerated energy to charge the battery. This means they can be treated in the same way as a combustion vehicle, so you only need to stop to fill up with petrol or diesel.

Hybrid cars are easy to drive

3.They are simple to drive

Hybrid cars feel no different to drive than a petrol-powered car. You simply start the engine and pull away. Automatic transmission makes the ride smooth and effortless, while the ‘engine’ is also ultra-quiet to help you relax at the wheel.

Hybrid car batteries last a lifetime

4. The battery lasts as long as the car

The battery has a big part to play in a hybrid vehicle, but they have been designed to last as long as the car itself. They are most often covered by the warranty if anything does go wrong.

Hybrid cars are fun to drive

5. They are more fun to drive than you think

Many people think that hybrids are slow and sluggish because the vehicle includes an electric element. This simply isn’t true. The electric motor complements the combustion engine to deliver more accelerating power when it is needed, such as during an overtaking manoeuvre. In some cases, a hybrid may feel more energetic than a pure petrol or diesel. They are therefore enjoyable to drive in the city or on open urban roads where you can reach higher speeds. 

Hybrid cars are cheap to run

6. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much they cost

Hybrid cars can save a significant amount of money in fuel and vehicle tax, they often work out cheaper to own and run in the long term. 

Hybrid cars are cost-effective to maintain

7. Inexpensive to service and maintain

If you take your hybrid to an approved service centre you can expect to pay a similar price as a petrol or diesel. You may even find that maintenance is cheaper, as less strain is placed on the engine, so parts don’t need to be replaced as often. Regular Hybrid Health Checks will also help to maintain optimum performance​. 

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