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The benefits of hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are growing in popularity, as the benefits to choosing a dual-power vehicle become clear.

Hassle-free driving

Cars which offer excellent performance whilst cutting fuel consumption and emissions to unprecedentedly low levels may seem too good to be true – but there are no hidden costs. You simply jump in a hybrid and drive away with a gentle hum from the engine.

The automatic transmission takes care of gear changes, and with conventional hybrids you don’t need to worry about stopping to recharge the battery. Even a plug-in hybrid, which can be charged from an outlet, will run as a non-plug-in hybrid when the battery is empty – and the rewards regarding fuel costs and carbon output can be even greater.

When the battery does run low, excess energy from braking, for example, tops it back up. All you need to worry about is filling the car up with more fuel when supplies run low.

Easy to Drive

They're Cheaper Than You Think

Two engines in one

With a petrol engine working in tandem with an electric motor and batteries, you enjoy access to ample power yet also fuel-saving efficiency. They work together when extra power is needed, such as an overtaking manoeuvre. But when you are driving through town at lower speeds, the car can run in full electric mode and consume no fuel.

Lower fuel consumption, lower cost

With less work required from the combustion engine, you can expect lower fuel consumption, less CO2 emissions and all the cost saving benefits that come with it. Hybrid cars are often cheaper to tax as they are better for the environment, and you won’t need to fill up with fuel as often.

Your next hybrid from RMB

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of the very latest hybrid cars from Toyota and Lexus.

We also have a selection of electric vehicles from Renault. Visit the new car pages on each franchise section of our website to read about every hybrid model available today. Next, simply contact the team to arrange a test drive and talk about your finance options.

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