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How to top up your car's screen wash

Adequate wiper blades and screenwash combine to clear dirt, oil and other fluids from your vehicle's windscreen which can limit your visibility. Making sure you have enough under the bonnet is therefore important, and we outline how you can check and top up the level below.

Checking the screenwash level

First, make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat surface and the engine is cold. Next, locate the screenwash bottle under the bonnet. This varies between models so refer to your owner's manual for its exact location. It is usually marked with the icon of a windscreen being sprayed with water. The bottle is often clear and washer fluid is typically coloured, so you should be able to check the level simply by looking.

Which screenwash should you choose?

This depends on the time of year and your preference. Most fluids include anti-freeze which make them suitable for use even when the temperature drops below freezing. You can also choose between pre-mixed or concentrated. The latter will need to be mixed with water before you add it to the bottle.

Adding more screenwash

Topping up the screenwash bottle is a straightforward task.

● Open the bonnet and secure it safely

● Locate the bottle, open the cap and pour enough fluid in, being careful not to overfill the container

● Close the reservoir cap firmly and shut the bonnet.

This simple task and more technical maintenance work can be completed at any RMB Automotive service centre. Visit our servicing page for details on all the work we do and click through to the offers section of the website for money-saving deals. You can also browse our 'how to' page for more helpful maintenance tips.