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How to improve fuel consumption in hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are growing in popularity as motorists recognise the benefits they bring. These cars are not only cleaner than traditional combustion-powered models, they also return high fuel economy which helps to reduce overall running costs. The way you drive a hybrid can maximise or reduce its efficiency, so we've outlined a number of tips below that will help you get the most from your dual-source engine.

Plan ahead

One of the simplest ways to improve the efficiency of your hybrid is to cut the length of your journeys. You can do so by planning ahead and choosing the quickest route or the course that will help you avoid disruption. Traffic jams and other driving situations where you are regularly changing speed all harm fuel economy.

Use the most suitable mode

Your hybrid will likely come with a number of drive modes that alter the engine's output to suit driving conditions and your preferred style. This also impacts on efficiency, and by knowing when to switch to a certain mode you can reduce the amount of energy and fuel that is used. As a general rule it is best to stay in EV (Electric Vehicle) mode as much as possible as you won't use any fuel or release any emissions. Before starting a long motorway journey, switch to ECO mode to preserve the battery's energy and consume less fuel.

Adjust your driving style

Adjusting the way you drive as well as knowing which mode to use improves efficiency significantly. Try to accelerate gently and brake early where possible. Learn to keep an eye on the gear shift indicator if you are driving a manual, to see when to change gear at the optimum time. If cruise control is available, make it a habit to switch it on when you join the motorway or a long dual carriageway to keep a constant speed.

Remove clutter

The heavier the car is, the less economical it will be. Take any unnecessary items out of the boot and cabin to save weight. You should also remove roof racks or roof boxes when they aren't in use, as they impact negatively on the vehicle's aerodynamics.

Service it regularly

Regular servicing makes sure that all vital components are performing as they should and aren't reducing the vehicle's performance. You should trust the experts with this task, as a hybrid engine is a very sophisticated piece of engineering.

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