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How to check you car's tyre pressure

Your vehicle's tyre pressure affects both handling and fuel consumption, so it's important to make sure the tyres are inflated to the correct level. If they aren't, you could be spending more money than you need to on fuel, and the vehicle may not be performing at its best. Watch the video and follow the guide below for helpful guidance on how to check tyre pressure.

Where to find the correct tyre pressure

The correct tyre pressure can be found in your vehicle handbook or printed on a sticker located somewhere on the body – usually the inner door pillar.

How to check the pressure

To check the pressure you'll need a tyre pressure gauge, which can be purchased from virtually all motoring retailers. Then simply follow these steps.

● Park on a flat surface off the road, where it is safe to move around the vehicle.

● Make sure the vehicle is cold before you start. Warm air in the tyres can give an inaccurate reading.

● Unscrew the valve cap and keep it safe – this is an important item that stops debris from blocking the valve.

● Push the gauge firmly onto the valve so that the needle begins to move. Where it stops will be your reading.

Increasing or decreasing the pressure

If you find that the pressure is below the recommended amount you can add air to the tyres using a foot pump or electric pump. Most pumps will include a gauge so you can see when the pressure reaches the right level.

If the amount is too high, you can deflate the tyres slightly by opening the valve using a screwdriver. Simply press down on the valve to release air, but only let a small amount out at a time before checking the level. Once the tyres are at the right pressure, all you need to do is replace the valve caps and you're done.

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