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How to check your car's oil levels

Oil lubricates the engine to keep it running at its best, and checking the oil level is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform. Doing so is straightforward as we explain through the following video and 'how to' guide.

Before you start

Before checking the oil level, park on a flat surface and wait until the engine is cold. Open the bonnet and refer to the owner's manual to locate the dipstick. This normally has a loop at one end, so it is easy to remove.

How to check the oil level

● Once you have located the dipstick, remove it and wipe it clean using a towel or tissue paper. You should be able to clearly see the minimum and maximum markers

● Reinsert the dipstick and remove it again to check the level. If oil only covers between the two points, you will know the right amount is in the engine.

Topping up the engine oil

If the oil level is too low it is easy to add more. Check your owner's manual to find out what type of oil is right for your model first, as the wrong fluid can affect engine performance.

● Locate the oil filler cap. This is typically marked with an oil can, and your owner's manual will show where it is located under the bonnet

● Unscrew the cap and add a small amount of oil

● Wait a couple of minutes to let it reach the bottom of the engine before checking the level again.

What to remember

The most important things to remember when checking and topping up your vehicle's oil level are to use the right type and not to overfill the engine. It is much easier to add more oil than it is to drain it.

If you would like any assistance with checking oil levels or require guidance on the correct type to use, please contact your local RMB Automotive franchise dealership. Visit our offers page for rewarding deals and click through to our 'how to' page for more helpful maintenance advice.