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How to check your car's coolant levels

Coolant helps to keep the engine at the optimum operating temperature and should always be checked as part of regular vehicle maintenance. If there is no coolant the engine will eventually break down, which would obviously be extraordinarily inconvenient and expensive. Checking the level is an easy task that you can complete yourself, as we explain below.

Locate the coolant bottle

The first step is to locate the expansion bottle, and you should check the owner's manual for its exact position under the bonnet.

Check the levels

Once you have found where the bottle is you can check the amount of coolant it contains. The bottle is usually clear and the coolant liquid coloured, so you can easily see how much is in there. Minimum and maximum markers on the side of the bottle also show whether you need to add more fluid.

If you need to top up

● Park on a flat surface

● Make sure the engine is cold before opening the coolant bottle cap, as it is a pressurised system

● Add coolant only as far as the maximum marker, being careful not to overfill the container.

What to remember

It is important to make sure you top up with the correct type of coolant, as certain engines are not designed for a mix of different types. If you notice that you need to top up frequently the system may have a small leak, so you should visit your local servicing centre for a check from the professionals.

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