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How to change your car's wiper blades

For safety, you should have full visibility of the road ahead at all times, and your vehicle's wiper blades clear rain, dirt and oil to help make sure of this. After a long period of use the blades will deteriorate and need to be replaced. The following video and guide explain how to do this.

Check what size blades are needed

Before purchasing new blades you need to know what size item fits your vehicle. Check the owner's manual for this information or simply measure them using a tape measure.

Removing the old blades

To remove the old blades, start the ignition and switch the wipers on. When they are pointing upwards switch the engine off so they stay in place. It's much easier to change them in this position. Next, follow the steps below.

● Pull the wiper arm back so that it lifts off the windscreen

● Push the locking tab backwards to release and remove the old blade

● Keeping hold of the arm, insert the new blade until it clicks into place

● Slowly lower the arm back onto the windscreen.

It is important not to operate the wipers if a blade isn't fitted when the arm is down. This can scratch the glass, which is a costly issue to fix.

If you need any more help changing wiper blades or would like guidance on the right items for your model, please speak to your nearest RMB Automotive dealership. We will book you in for a visit when it suits you, and offer a range of attractive aftersales deals that can save you money. Visit our 'how to' page for more helpful vehicle maintenance and driving tips.