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How to change a car wheel

Punctures can happen unexpectedly, so it is important that you know how to change a wheel before you actually need to. We explain what you will need and how to complete the task through the simple video and guide found below.

If you experience a puncture on the road

If your vehicle suffers a puncture on the road, try to pull well away from traffic to an area that has flat and firm ground. Never try to change a wheel on the hard shoulder of the motorway. You should instead call your breakdown provider for assistance.

Removing the punctured wheel

Once you are safely away from traffic and on a suitable surface, here are the steps to take to change the wheel.

● Firmly apply the handbrake and put the vehicle in first gear

● Wear a reflective jacket if you have one and use a warning triangle where possible

● Remove the spare wheel, jack and wrench from the boot of the car

● Slacken the wheel nuts before lifting the car but do not remove them completely

● Locate the jacking point on the relevant part of the body nearest the flat tyre. Your owner's manual should show you where these points are

● Place the jack in position and lift the vehicle until there is enough room under the wheel to remove it

● Undo the wheel nuts completely and remove the flat tyre.

Fitting the replacement wheel

● Reverse the removal procedure to fit the replacement tyre

● When refitting the wheel start with the top and then the opposite bolt, and tighten them all by hand first

● Use the wrench to tighten each again but not fully

● Lower the jack and tighten the bolts fully.

What to remember

Most spare tyres are only designed for temporary use, so it is important to repair or replace the punctured tyre as soon as possible.

For more guidance on how to change a tyre or for support with other maintenance tasks, please book a visit to your nearest RMB Automotive service centre. Check our aftersales offers beforehand to see what exclusive deals are available today. You can also visit our 'how to' page for guidance on other important tasks, as well as driving tips.