Driving in Wet Weather | RMB Automotive

How to Drive Safely in Wet Weather Conditions

To drive safely when it is raining, there are several guidelines to follow that will protect your engine and keep you in control.

Before you set off

In case of very poor or extreme weather, consider whether your journey is essential. You should avoid driving or find an alternative mode of transport if it is not vital that you travel by car.

Driving in heavy rain

  • Leave a larger gap between you and the car in front as your braking distance is longer on wet roads.
  • Use your headlights to improve visibility in heavy rain and anticipate trouble further ahead.
  • When at a standstill, apply the footbrake as well as the handbrake so that your brake lights show and other drivers can see you more clearly.
  • If there are deep puddles at the side of the road, avoid them where possible or slow down so that you do not soak pedestrians. If you are caught doing this you could be banned from driving and fined up to £5,000.
  • If you lose control when driving on wet roads, do not brake hard as you are more likely to skid and go off course. Instead, the best thing to do is ease off the accelerator to slow down gradually.

If you breakdown

  • If you breakdown in the rain, shut the bonnet to keep the electrics dry and contact Roadside Assistance for recovery.

Driving through floodwater

  • If the road has standing water on the surface, drive extremely slowly to avoid losing control. If you do lose control, ease off the accelerator to slow down gradually rather than braking hard, as this will cause you to skid.
  • Avoid driving through floodwater that is more than 10 centimetres deep or through water where you are unsure of the depth. You risk getting water inside the engine which is very dangerous, as the equivalent of one eggcup-full of water can ruin an engine.

If you have any questions or would like more information about safe driving in wet weather conditions, please speak to the expert advisers at RMB in Darlington, Northallerton and Stockton.