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How to Drive Safely in High Winds

During windy weather, strong gusts can unbalance vehicles unexpectedly and test the abilities of even the most experienced drivers. Follow our top tips for driving in high winds to stay safe during blustery weather.

Before you set off

  • Consider whether your journey is necessary. If possible, postpone driving until the conditions have improved or take an alternative form of transport.

Be prepared at the wheel

  • Keep both hands on the wheel and do not drive too fast. This will help you get the vehicle under control if you are hit by a gust of wind.
  • When passing a high-sided vehicle such as a lorry, give it a wide berth, as they are made unstable by strong winds. Keep in mind that you have shelter when you are alongside the vehicle, so be prepared for the wind to pick back up again when you pull ahead.
  • Be alert for debris in the road as it is common for objects to be blown around and branches to fall from trees.

If you breakdown

  • Should you break down in very windy conditions, it is advisable to wait for assistance away from your vehicle, in a sheltered spot if possible. If you wait in the car you are more likely to be hit by a motorist who loses control.

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