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Tips for Safe Driving in Europe

Many motorists take their vehicles abroad on holiday, and if you are among them there are some important considerations to take into account before you leave and once you are abroad. Our helpful tips lay out some advice for how to have a problem-free holiday with your vehicle.

Before you go

  • Find out the driving rules in all the countries where you will be driving. For example, it is illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia.
  • Your car must have a GB sticker on the rear bumper and beam deflectors on the head lamps. The best time to fit these to your vehicle is during the crossing, whether you are travelling by ferry or train.
  • Ensure you carry a first-aid kit, an emergency warning triangle and high-visibility vest. These items are a legal requirement in most European countries. You may also need a fire extinguisher and spare bulb kit, but you should check the rules of the road in all the countries you are visiting for specific advice.
  • Carry your insurance documents, registration documents and driving licence at all times.
  • Book your car in for a full service before you leave to make sure it is able to perform in the weather conditions of your destination. It is also helpful to pick up any underlying issues that could cause you to breakdown while you are away.

When you go

  • Check tyre pressures to make sure they are fully inflated, especially if you are carrying extra passengers or lots of luggage.
  • Ensure your Roadside Assistance covers driving in Europe and will recover you if you breakdown abroad.

At RMB we wish you a happy and relaxing holiday, where you can enjoy driving abroad. Should you require any more information about the points covered here, or want to book a service or health check for your vehicle, please contact RMB in Darlington, Northallerton or Stockton.