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Tips for Driving Safely in Fog

When conditions are foggy it reduces visibility for all road users and increases the chances of a collision happening. There are a number of actions you can take while driving in fog to help keep yourself and others safe.

Before you set off

If the conditions are extremely bad, consider whether your journey is really essential. If you do not need to travel or it is possible to make your journey using other means of transport then avoid driving unnecessarily.


  • All cars have rear fog lights and some models also have them fitted to the front of the vehicle. You should familiarise yourself with how to switch them on before you set off as visibility can deteriorate very quickly.
  • The Highway Code states that headlights must be used when visibility is significantly reduced. Make sure they stay dipped to direct the light onto the road rather than into the fog and to avoid dazzling other drivers.
  • Be aware of visibility increasing as the fog lifts. You will need to switch off your fog lights so you don’t dazzle other drivers when the fog has cleared.

    Be aware on the road

    • Leave a larger gap between you and the car in front. It is harder to judge distance in low light and fog.
    • Match your speed with the severity of the fog. You should be able to stop within the distance you can see clearly in front of you.
    • At a junction, have the windows open so that you can listen for oncoming traffic that you might not be able to see.
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