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Dacia becomes Official Sponsor of Prime Time on Dave

Dacia has partnered up with TV channel Dave to become its Prime Time programming sponsor.

Known as the ‘home of witty banter’, the new sponsorship will allow Dacia to tap into Dave’s core audience of young males.

The one year sponsorship will feature across some of Dave’s most popular shows, including QI, Mock the Week, Red Dwarf and Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish.

The Dacia Duster will feature in eight different idents which are to be aired on weekdays between 9pm and 11.40pm. Each ident will have the slogan ‘Keeping it simple with Prime Time on Dave’.

The 10 second adverts will mock the traditional car advertising clichés, keeping true to Dacia’s straight-talking image which differentiate Dacia from the rest of the car industry.

James Boyer, Marketing Director of Groupe Renault UK said: “Dacia provides an alternative proposition for British car buyers – it’s straight-talking, anti-frivolous and easy to understand which has been key to delivering its unique position in the market. In that sense, Dave and Dacia draw many parallels so the sponsorship was an immediate choice for Dacia to be able speak to its core audience. Dave gives us a great opportunity to establish our tone of voice and what the brand stands for.”