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Dacia air conditioning servicing in County Durham and North Yorkshire

When a vehicle’s air conditioning system is working to full capacity, it provides passengers with welcome relief and comfort, particularly during extreme weather conditions.

Whether you’re experiencing a hot, sticky day or an ice-cold winter snap, effective air conditioning is worth its weight in gold. Not only that, it helps to purify the air that you and your co-passengers breathe during each journey – and assists with the demisting of windows, too.

As with all aspects of your car, its air conditioning unit needs to be looked after, which means regular maintenance is essential. Leaving a faulty system unrepaired for longer than necessary might save money in the short term, but it is likely to lead to costly repairs, not to mention uncomfortable car journeys.

Tell-tale signs of disrepair include reduced effectiveness (the car is either too hot or too cold), nasty smells, excess condensation and windows taking longer to demist. 

Rather than wait for your Dacia’s air conditioning system to exhibit symptoms of failure, proactive servicing will make sure it continues to perform at its peak for many years to come.

Our expertly trained technicians have all the tools necessary to work on your vehicle’s air conditioning unit and will soon have it operating efficiently. We use only official Dacia parts which, along with any work we carry out, are guaranteed for 12 months. Our servicing prices are extremely competitive, too.

To book your car in for a special air conditioning service, get in touch with us at your earliest convenience by completing our online contact form. You can do this anytime you wish and we will respond quickly to confirm details of your appointment.