New Toyota Mirai


The New Toyota Mirai utilises ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell technology to create a new-generation vehicle. Heralding an environmental motoring revolution, this car is powered by the most abundant element in the universe – and emits only water from the exhaust.

How it works

The hydrogen you pump into the car is stored in strong carbon-filter fuel tanks. The large air intakes on either side of the front grille feed oxygen to the fuel cell stack. The oxygen reacts with the hydrogen fuel to create electricity, which is either fed straight to the motor or stored in the battery. When you press the accelerator, the powerful motor delivers immediate torque so you enjoy smooth, rapid acceleration. The only by-product is water.

Futuristic styling

Toyota’s design team has ensured that the Mirai stands out for all the right reasons. The striking and highly functional front gives the car an assertive feel, and the body shape is aerodynamic to optimise fuel efficiency. Inside, the quiet atmosphere of each drive is increased by a calm, sophisticated interior that features a contemporary, gloss black central console and a large touchscreen.

Pure performance

The Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS) has been many years and millions of miles in the making. The TFCS is more energy-efficient than internal combustion engines, and has a world-leading power output density of 3.1kW/l. When you put your foot on the accelerator, torque is delivered instantaneously to give you responsive power and smooth, rapid acceleration. The fuel tanks, battery and motor are located under the floor, optimising weight distribution and giving the Mirai a low centre of gravity. This design also makes the handling sharp and responsive.

New Toyota Mirai Front Interior
New Toyota Mirai Infotainment System
New Toyota Mirai Rear Seats

Safety first

Every aspect of the Mirai’s build is based on fundamental safety principles. The fuel tanks have triple-thickness walls made from reinforced materials that virtually eliminate the chance of leakages. In the event of a collision, the supply of hydrogen is automatically shut off to prevent the gas from travelling to damaged parts of the system. The strong frame is designed to distribute crash forces, reducing the chance of injury.

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